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I dont think generally its seen as an option alas.
The main problem being firstly the brackets wouldn't fit, (the spacing will be too wide between the mounting holes for the rear hub cariers) also the piston size used on the fronts would be too big to use as rears. Four pot rears generally have much smaller piston diameters, (and pads) than four pot fronts. The last thing you want to see if your rear end coming round in front of you because the brakes are too rear biased.
I think other people have gone with the standard R33 Brembo 2 piston rears and just upgrade/increase the rear rotor size and use the Biot brackets, (which move the caliper out radius wise) to allow this, (one option) or you can go for Lotus Brembo 4 pot rears or similar which as mentioned have smaller pistions and pad surface area than the 4 pot front you have on the front. But you would need to get custom brackets made as they are radial mounted unlike standard GTR calipers.
Hope this helps.
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