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Hi all,

If you're interested in banner ads, please continue to the banner ad order forms.
Banner ads allow you to trade freely on the form and engage with users at a commercial level. There is no limit to how much you post but please be conscious of the fact that there are other traders operating on the forum and that due respect should always be given.

Some of you may have noticed a price rise from last time, but this was inevitable as:

  • The cost of banners was way too low before
  • The market traffic has increased 20 fold.
It's still 50% cheaper than when we first had banner ads 5 years ago.
Meanwhile, there are those I'd like to express sincere thanks to in the trade who have supported the GTR Register since day one.

Here are some figures for you:
  • Monthly page views: 9 Million (!!!!)
  • Monthly hits: 20 Million
  • Bandwidth 80 GB

During the Week of September 24th, 2006:
  • A total of 69,516 distinct visits were made to the site.
  • The average visit lasted 10 Minutes and 3 Seconds.
  • 103,785 distinct web pages were viewed a total of 1,313,300 times.
  • The average visit contained 18.89 page views. People spent an average of 31 seconds viewing a page.
  • A total of 69,527 distinct visits were made to the site.
  • 33.04% of all visits were by people using a version of Microsoft Internet Explorer to view the site, 5.72% used Netscape, 8.13% used FireFox, and 6.51% used the AOL browser.
  • 49.58% of all visits were by people using a version of Microsoft Windows, 1.21% used MacOS, and 0.15% used a version of Unix/Linux.

Most importantly, we have invested £1,000's into search engine optimisation. This site is now 100% aligned with Google in terms of search engine reliablility. You can see the results of searches on this download here and when used correctly can show you how valuably you can market your wares not just on this site, but globally across Google too.
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