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Right, since having bought the 32 a few months ago there have been a few niggling little problems. Passengers window innop (no earth from drivers switch) Drivers window only works when It wants (switch faulty) Heating innop but A/C ok, some guages dont light up, rear speakers work when they want etc etc etc..... Anyway stripped the centre console the other day to find some really dodgy wiring, had a play and refitted it all. Now the heating works, but not the A/C, the guages that didnt light up now do but the ones that did now dont and the rear speakers now work but not the front. Some animal has had a right go at my poor baby in the past, but thanks to this club I have found a manual and am gonna get it ship shape afain :)

Oh, does anyone know somewhere thats stripping an R32 as I need the drivers door switch set????
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