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Firstly thanks for repsonses on wheels.
From this it has come to my attention that the companies that some of you work for are on my target list as global 2000 companies we want to sell into or who are an exisiting customer but we are having a few issues getting to the key guys and decision makers.
One of my key objectives is to get the names of the real project drivers and get in front of them.. Often difficult with many people's attitutdes to software vendors and past exepriences.
Maybe we can breath a breathof fresh air into this, find sth that really interests these guys ier motorpsorts and try to engage in conversation and events. I need the business project managers who hold the keys to finances and approvals.
I have discussed this with some other owners and I was hoping we could use this board more for networking as opposed to just a car enthusiasts site.
Let me know what you think and how we can go forward from here. Don't worry I will not do my pitch on here, rather let's keep in touch and see what is out there. we all need good vendors and nothing comes better than recommendation or that personal touch.
Ged I will try and source those names from you that i need.

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