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i also have a 32 gtr i don't like gtr's with body kits i like them standard and i don't like white cars
BUT ...yours is an exception it looks fantastic ..:clap:
i may have to get me one of thoes kits for mine :thumbsup:

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Update: Scratches removed

Thanks for the kind comments boys!

Here is some update & write up how to clean/freshen up the interior.

When the car came form Japan it was pretty dirty inside. So after quick interior clean up I realized that the meters where badly scratched, not just dirty.

Here is how it started. :(

Console meters stripped.

Scratches are quite deep...

Glass lid off, shows it all :bawling:

Not the best stuff, but with this I started getting rid off the deepest scratches.

Cellular phone display polish.

This stuff did wonders. You just have to wax enough.

Also the main-meters needed a rubdown.

Worst part of the glass (er… well plastic). By the sticker in the meters, the car has been at some point of it’s life at Auto Produce BOSS.

Wax on wax off… oh and some Strongbow to keep you going ;)

After 10 mins. Left side still to do…

Left side vs. right side. You can clearly see the difference.

Looking good!

At the same time we decided to update the look of the meters. Found this kit in eBay for $24! :smokin:

Quality is good and it matches with the rest of the car’s color theme.

Almost ready.

The kit really freshen up the meters.

Lights on! Day time view…

… and then at dark. The EL-kit has a adjustment knob for the dimmer-light.

Console meters done!

Wouldn’t believe that these are the same meters I started with 2 hours a go!?!

They look like brand new. Was it worth it? You bet! :thumbsup:

Cheers, Domo-kun

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Fantastic job on the triple gauges, that's very impressive and definitely well worth the effort. When I first saw those I thought, "that's a pity, they look knackered and are going to let the interior down", but now they look better than new! :thumbsup:

I quite like the lighing on the main gauges too, reminds me a bit of the dial upgrades you could buy in that Need for Speed Underground game, (but in a good way).

Great job, well done, you should be very proud of that.

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Update: front grill & battery

Old silver mask with out the emblem.

New black grill with the Bee*R emblem.

I think it changed for the better. Black is more "original" look.

Oh, and the old battery is gone as well. I went for the best: Optima Yellow Top :thumbsup:

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Update: Clean up & Polishing

fantastic looking car, AWESOME wheels they are:D
what wing are you getting?
I allready got one light carbon wing, but it was too narrow (157 cm)... So looking for a new one, dunno yet what brand or model, but something to clear that boot.

OK, to the update part... Here we go!
The car needed a good cleaning before winter months. (It already snowed in Helsinki last week :bawling: ) The car is going to sit in the garage for the worst months, no winter driving – don’t worry ;)

Here is how it started, dirty.

Wheels needed a good scrub. First everything was washed with solvent. Then firmly washed trough with water.

Wheels, the most time consuming part... take your time.

Then the car washed trough with Zaino's Z-7 Show Car Wash. After that we focused to those spots that didn't get cleaned, like the front bumper and side skirts.

Close up: Front bumper with some road tar stains. Zaino's got an answer to this as well...

... easy to use Zaino Z-18 Clay Bar. It just sucks the dirt in it.

Spray some Show Car Wash and let the Clay Bar slide over the dirt.

It will take the dirt of the surface, you'll feel it come clean.

Spot the difference!?!

Ok, now the car is washed & dryed.

Even the wheels got their shine back!

Next was the time for the new stuff from Zaino. Z-AIO: All-In-One...
Cleaner, Polish and Protectant. Easy to use by hand or machine.

We took the bigger areas my machine and smaller parts & corners by hand.

Also the rubbers got some shine.

Zaino Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss.

Ok, we're done with Z-AIO. Now 2-3 coats of Zaino's Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish to get the surface waxed properly.

After this it all looks good. But ad some of Zaino's Z-6 Ultra Clear Gloss Enhancer Spray and you really get things bright & shiny.

I took around 8 hours to complete the task, but well worth it.
After the surface is cleaned & waxed I just need to keep the car clean by washing and occasionally adding some wax. Now I don't need to do the worst part of the proces again, great!
And if this shine is not enough, Zaino's got an extra ace in the sleeve: Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal, witch as it says... well seals it all with an extra dimension to the shine... at this point you should be blind from all the shine ;)

Products used in this project. ( Zaino Store )

Bright white!

At th park on a cloudy evening. My pics don't do justice to the shine, so...

... Juhis snapped this pic last weekend, looking good!

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tail conversion

Beautiful work, but is the tail remaining R32?
Yes, it's supposed to look like that. It’s a Bee*R kit. It would be a quite a task to convert the R32 rear to R34 as well.
It has crossed my mind tough ;) I would need a genuine R43 boot lid & rear lights, but don’t think they would sit that neatly on the R32’s rear. R34 GT-R’s got wider and higher rear than R32.

Here is some hideous conversions

yep, it's a BMW E36

Honda Integra... both ends fcuked :chuckle:

S14 Silvia. Rear doesn't look that bad, but the sides aren't for my taste.

Honda DelSol.

I think this is one of the best Skyline tail conversions. But hey it's 300ZX with R32 lights ;) so I guess I better stick with the R32 rear end.

At least it's still a GT-R, witch none of the above aren't.

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Update: Bride, Kansai & Nismo goodies

Here we go again.

The old seats where fine, but when I got a pretty bargain deal of Bride Gias LowMax seats, I just couldn’t say no.
The swap was well worth it, they’re so comfortable but also real snug fit. Also they’re really light & good looking.
To top of the seats, I got a pair of Takata 4-point seat belts (not in the pics).

Old ones gone, new ones in...

New set oh HKS Kansai floor mats :thumbsup:

Who needs stereos when you got this :chuckle:

Before & after :smokin:

Cheers, Domo-kun
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