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Maintenance & lubricant check

Maintenance & lubricant check.

Time to check new oils in to the gearbox, front & rear final drive.

I knew the car had been checked/serviced over before shipment to Finland in Japan. Bee*R uses Red Line oils and we think my car was filled with them as by the color of the oils & smell. Also from the fact that they where like really “light” like. But you never can be sure what's really been done over there by maintenance point of view. So I decided that it was time to have some decent type “racing formula” oils in it. Friend of mine has had very good results using Kendall oils in their race beemer M3’s & M5’s. So it was Kendall –time then. :thumbsup:

Went to my friends shop and we lifted the car up.

At the same time we changed few bushes as they were worn. The rest have Nismo bushes changed last year.

New one (OEM Nissan) vs. old, well the old broke to this state when removed.

GT-R Service Manual offered 804 pages of info. Found this page where it had the lubricant standards.
Well they where from the early nineteens (89-94). So some oils today have better standards, so we used them. Like GL-4 formula is now GL-5 etc.

Old oils out of the gearbox. Color & smell where like Red Line stuff, really “thin & running” oils!?! Can’t be that good... :nervous:

In went some 4 litres of Kendall API GL-5 MT-1 SHP full synthetic gear lubricant (SAE 75W-90).
ConocoPhillips Company is one of the world largest oil companys, they produce oils for Kendall.

With two chaps the oil change goes really quickly. Lari pumped the oil in while I hold the filler bucket.

Next was front final drive...

... and then rear final drive.

We used Kendall’s API GL-5 –grade, Special limited slip axle lube (SAE 80W-90).
Now the rear will be happy – and my running gear will have carefree kilometers (or miles) ahead. Great!
Kendall – Texas finest! :cool:

I can highly recommend this to all of you, as you never know what your old import may have in it.
Lubricants are foundation for these old cars. Let’s keep old rice running. :smokin:

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Update! Eurocruising, X-treme & Summer Hi-Fi Show


Eurocruising 6.6.08

I had the engine bay finally sorted in to some decent state. Still quite stock...
I got SARD Fuel Regulator, Apexi Fuel Rail, Apexi Power FC & Commander + waiting to get more bits & bobs...

More pics of that event found here: Eurocruising 6.6.08 (snaps by: Juhiss)

Had fun over at that cruising meet. Then to the next event at that same night…

X-treme Suomi Tour 6.6.08

Riku’s GT-R next to mine at X-treme Suomi Tour kick off launch party.
I got Top 3 award at that mini-show.

Five-O’s… A real American police car, hah.

More pics of that event found here: X-treme Suomi Tour 6.6.08

Summer Hi-Fi Show 7.6.08
The next day was Autoextras Summer Hi-Fi Show. All sorts of rides, not all “ICE-cars”...
Like this genuine M-Sport kitted new Focus, with plenty of power –runing Volvo’s 5-cylinder turbo magic!

Mind that you can’t by this kit. The owner works really closely with M-Sport. He also has an earlier model of Focus with genue WRC-kit on it. SICK!

ICE AGE-theme Mondeo pushing 29.000 Wats! (74 speakers). This mofo is LOUD!!!

Fredi’s H2 pushin’ it hard.

More pics of that event found here: Summer Hi-Fi Show 7.6.08

Enjoy the poor pics :smokin:

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Update: Exterior mod –Fender & bumper trimmed... more shows

Fender & Bumper mod!
Before the next show I decided to do something that I’ve planed ever since I got the car to Finland.
But being busy or whatever the excuse may have been, I didn’t do it till now.

Orginal Bee*R fender, no holes.

Some planing…

Drilled holes in the corners to keep the shape nice and clean, then cutted with cutter-wheel the rest of the lines (with Dremel etc).

Then had black aluminium mesh mock-up tested…

Molded those meshes in using bodykit bond/glue (Sika-flex). To keep it nice and steady for over night, I placed some zip-ties. They work well like this.

Ready to rock. Now they keep the warm air flowing out of the arches during hard breaking. Did the same thing to the bumper as well.

More pics found here: Fender & bumper trimmed

Tuuri Miljoona Tuning 14.6.08
The latest show with Bee*R was last weekend in Tuuri. 330 km’s from Helsinki (aprox 3,5 h drive up north). It’s a huge shopping hell in middle of nowhere. The owner of this shopping centre is a bit mad man. Built a castle looking hotel over there as well… He owns a great cars, like F40 Ferrari that was on display in side the shopping mall.

New vents in the fender & bumper :smokin:

It was great show, good weather & nice rides, like these:

Beemer E30 with E36 325 engine + KKK K31 = 635 bhp / 668 Nm.

Tom’s MK4 Supra

More pics of that event found here: Tuuri Tuning 08


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what seats do you have? the gias or the stradia? do you know the difference between the 2 kinds?
Mine are the Low Max GIAS -versions (Kevlar/Carbon).

The difference are on the knee support part, Stradia's are with lower leg cushions.

They're really light and comfy, even on a longer drives.

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Your car was in every R-Kioski last month on the front cover of GTI magazine. Good going! :) Mine's almost ready again. Hard work getting all the parts sorted out this far north.

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Update! X-treme Drift Challenge @ Alastaro Circuit track & show

X-treme Drift Challenge, ProDdrift & Nordic Drifting Series was held 23.-24.8.2008 @ Alastaro Circuit.

Me, Juhiss & bunch of other friends travelled Alastaro to get some track action. Some in drifting in different serieses, some just in free track sessions & out door car show.

NOS booster fill up before the track.

Waiting to get on the track... well finally got there... then one lap later I got black flaged out! WTF...
- The reason was some paper work issues misunderstood by the track manager.
(you have to have all insurance & MOT paper work done in order to get to the track, in the end mine was fine).

Juhiss managed to get more laps, running in he's new AEM engine management system.

Team Falken crew: Juhiss & Cossie chillin' at Team Falkens pit

Darren McNamara behind Nikke's smoke curtain, hah

Eric O'Sullivan "rocking the star"
Team Falken ripin' it! SR20 powered engines, Falken 265/18 Azenis RT615 (track slicks) were done after 5 runs :D
Luckily we got two vans full of new wheels.
Alastaro pit area night life... Darren McNamara's SR powered AE68 on the stage with Fuel girls... this show was pretty sick.
Eric O'Sullivan (Rockstar AE86) was burning rubber on this 360 rotating stage, with Fuel chicks on top of his car... mental! :runaway:

More pics by Juhis: Alsastaro Drift weekend

I got a X-treme Drift Cahllenge Top 5 award, nice! (+ some car care products, by Meguiar's).

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Update! Hi-Fi & Tuning Show, Oulu

I did a road trip to the biggest car show in northen Finland, Oulu. The show is called HTS (Hi-Fi & Tuning Show) aka Hötsi, it’s run by local car club TeamRWD & their sponsors.

I had my car on display Autoextra’s booth, with Pioneer H2 & PPI Automotive Design’s TT Roadster.

From Helsinki to Oulu, it’s some 611 kms (380 miles), and the total trip with some twists on the trip added up to 1300 kms (aprox 808 miles).

I had my Apexi Power FC installed already to my Alastaro Circuit trip. It needs some fine tuning but let’s talk about that later… I managed to do this trip under 3 tanks of fuel :D Even though I hand pretty “heavy pedal action” on the way there & back home.
The trip went fine, no troubles with car at all - witch was nice! :thumbsup:

Ok, so I have a special place in my heart for this show. The very first HTS was held in Oulu, back in 2002. Those days “tuning scene” was starting to lift it’s head up in Finland. :nervous:

I had my Ford Escort there with my car club (aka Alien2nrs), Saab 9000, Peugeot 306 & New Mini Chilli, those where the times, hah :cool:

Ok, now is the year 2008 and the show in held Ouluhalli (expo centre), where this show has been held every year since 2004.
The northen people really know how to trow a great show. Really laid back chillin’. Nice people & wicked partys for 2 days straight.

It’s forbidden to drink alcohol – unless you have the “official Hötsi mug” :D

Didn’t have to go home empty handed… Top 5 of the show and GTi Styling Challenge, 3rd place! :clap:

More pics from the show: HTS 2008

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Update! Midnight Cruising Car Show 20.9.2008

Ok... here we go!

First apologies… Our Alien2nrs Blog is fooked up, Blogger-blog won't publish, so we haven't been able to update that in a while. Sorry for that. We're on it... :lamer:

Midnight Cruising Car Show
Last weekend me & Juhis took a road trip to Lappenranta witch is 220 kms (137 miles) from Helsinki. [Total trip was some 440 kms / 275 miles].

A local car club called Midnight Cruisers held their annual car show at local shopping centers parking garage. They had about 150 cars & motorbikes at the show. Bikes had eaven a Dyno-booth as well. Hifi dB drags contests, etc.

My friends Chaser pushing some serious figures, with that GT42. (576bhp/738nm @ 1,46bar... now runing 2,3 bar!).

Super clean Toyota ST

Cool BMX-Flatland tricks by Red Bull sponsored riders, like Martti Kuoppa.

The car show was great, defo the best show of it’s kind in eastern Finland. Nice people & nice rides. Good atmosphere all night long.

The night ended at 12 pm, when all the cars cruised in a parade through town in a police car escort! Really, they closed the city strees for us, sick!
People hanging on the side of the roads waving for us, people playing their stereos, neon-light shows etc.

Bee*R took the Top 5 of the show trophy, as well the Tuning/Styling Challenge’s finals “commendable” -award.

An other Bee*R flying in a foggy roads back home…

More pics by Juhis: Midnight Cruising Car Show

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Update! X-treme Car Show 4.-5.10.2008

The X-treme Car Show was held in Helsinki ice hockey hall, last weekend.
It's an international car show with cars and bikes from various different countries, mainly from northen europe. Custom & Tuning, RC Drifting, Live Car Building, Entertainment on the stage every hour. Rap / RMB star Adam Tensta, etc. This show was the seasons finale by X-treme organisation.

The shows attraction or crowd-puller was Alpine's Imprint RLS mercedes from USA. The most expensive democar ever built - with whopping one million price tag. Me an Juhis got an inside demo-tour of the car from my sponsor Alpine. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but when you get to experience it... whoa! Pretty sick ride! :bowdown1:

The ECO-friendly theme was also present. Nåkab Unbeatable Tuners from Sweden built this Toyota Prius hyprid car. It was built in 8 weeks for swedis reality car tv-series.

One of the best "yanks" of the show was our friend's Tomi Olli's Mazda lowrider truck. He told tha he's always vanted a S10 Chevy, but couldn't afford one, so he bought this Mazda B2000 for 300 euros and built it to look like Chevy :eek: More of he's cars: Low Toys

Martin Poorhamidi's SLK230 Kompressor came from Denmark. We had pretty good time at the afterparty, a lots of Carlsberg - Probably the best Bee*R in the World :smokin:

Bee*R was at Autoextras booth. I got the Best Street Car of the Year -award. (Car needs to be street driven & registered car).

More pics snapped by Juhis: X-treme Car Show

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