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Folks, I'm new to this forum, so apologies if this is not the correct place to post... I'm a new R32 owner, and having an issue with the driver's side door latch assembly. It won't unlock without pulling the inside handle to open the door.

I dutifully lubricated, and poked at the stock one, then ordered a new one. I happily installed the new one to realize that it exhibits the exact same issue.

- Works fine until assembly is bolted in to door (with screws in, and loose, works great)
- When bolted tight (even a single screw) fails to unlock smoothly
- Loud pop when it does unlock from pulling on door handle from inside

Has anyone experienced this before? I don't see any damage on the door. It has been repainted and was likely removed at one point, but from the parts breakdown I see online, it doesn't appear to be missing any washers, spacers, etc. Rods aren't overlapped. Same behavior from lock lever on door, with key in cylinder, or yanking on the unlock rod itself. Simply can not unlock when the latch mechanism is even slightly snug in the door.
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