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Hi Guys

yes! Another great find. This time its an outright eyefull, a Genuine DR31 GTS-R Circuit racer.

The DR31 runs the familiar RB series engine so tunabilty and parts sourcing are a dream.

The GTS-R was a limited production run car made by NISSAN for the JDM market only.

This car has been built, raced and maintained by M.1-Grow Technical Pro tune Shop. As you can see from the pictures it looks simply stunning in every way. The attention to detail when building this car is evident. Pop riveted seams, lightweight panels, Suspension, gearbox, ECU, full strip down. The list is amazing!

And to boot the engine is rebuilt with zero miles!!!

Engine full refresh
Height adjustable suspension
Exhaust pipe
Project mu Brake pad
Neova tyres
Mechanical LSD
V9-25 engine turbine
Uprated Wastegate
Alloy radiator
Low temp thermostat
Boost controller
Blow off valve
Front inter cooler – R32 GT-R
Electric fan
Taco meter, boost meter, water temp meter, oil temp meter
Normal computer rewritten
GT-R injector
Z32 air flow
Aero bonnet
GTS-R wing
GTS-R cross mission
Race spec clutch
Body rivet points support
Lightened and balanced Flywheel
Driver and passenger seats will be changed to average condition bucket seats
Body modified
Wheel arches extended
New Wantanabee Alloys
Aircooling modifications
Track tow hook kit

Max power is 350 – 400hp.

Price landed in the UK for this amazing one of a kind club spec race car £8870:thumbsup:


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I have this sitting ready in Japan so i can ship literally anywhere:D
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