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ANDY i read these rules on kieths site the other night (i think there the same ones )and my thoughts were the same ,not commenting on tims cars but what little i know of some of the other top cars ,i think theres going to be a lot of people who are up against it to meet the new regs.but on a plus side i think it will make things a little fairer,it defines the classes were as someone with a true road car is,nt competing against cars developed just for compertition use,unless he,s that fast he gets moved up a class.i think it will be a good thing ,as it may stop all the bitching over things like TOTB were some very well known faces have stopped running due to the debate about whats a road legal car and whats exceptable to run under the rules and whats not.take my car a true road car should get in to low 11,s with the right driver but whats the point in risking damaging the car when your all lumped together and a 11 second run gets you know were these days.just my opinion for what it,s worth but it should open up a good debate,and respect to yourself for not trying to pass your car of as a road car because i,m sure if you wanted you could tweek it here and there and get a M O T on it:wavey: NISMOMAN ps thanks for the christmas card all the best to you all and good luke in the future
Well said.

Jesus i might have a chance now.

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