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Figured It's about time i put up a thread about the car some of you know I've been throwing together recently for my website Drive Addiction

I'l save you the sales pitch for the site in another thread :p

So... the car.

Bought this a few years back at a very very nice price, or atleast nice enough to warrant me throwing so much money at it since.

It's a spec 1 (fools a few!) and came with a body kit, fake GTR wing, stage 1 breather mods , badly tinted windows, a super tiny steering wheel and some WORK Alloys. Still; It was white and a GTS-T, so perfect for what I was after!

Since then it's gone through quite a bit of transformation.
I'l go into details about specifics if anyone wants to know more about any of the mods, just ask :)

Spec list as it stands today is as follows:

Top secret Front bumper - modified to house GTR front indicators and Jap style 7 character front plate (yet to fit!)
Top Secret Side Skirts - smoothed in
Top Secret rear Spats - soon to be smoothed in
Rear GTR Over fenders - reinforced and smoothed in
Front Vented Wings - 40mm wider with clear Nismo side repeaters
Spec 2 front end conversion
Project & HID retrofit lights - with highbeam modification
GTR Spoiler base with Carbon Bee*R wing
Ganador Wing mirrors - blue tinted glass version
RAYS nismo LMGT 4 wheels - Staggared fitment 8.5x18 & 9.5x18, refurbished in Rays Bronze.
HKS Dragger Exhaust
Apexi Induction
FMIC - Painted Black
Splitfire Coil-packs
Full GTR interior
Nismo Gear knob
Nardi Twin steering wheel
Red L.E.D center console lighting - clock and all buttons show as red instead of the faded yellow/green
[B}White L.E.D Speedometer lighting[/B]
White L.E.D Interior and boot lighting
White L.E.D side lights and number plate lights
Fog light relocated - now sites in one of the reverse lights
Carbon front grille
Tinted Windows
Stealth Audio install - 4 channel amp hidden in boot, 2 way front components with tweeters mounted in wing mirror interior panel, heavy duty 6x9 in rear shelf, under seat subwoofer to come
GTR Carpets
Nismo front Strut Brace - with brake stopper
Cusco rear Strut/Boot Brace
Whiteline front Anti Roll Bar
Cusco rear Anti Roll Bar
Nismo 2 Way Differential
Solid Subframe Bushes
Solid Differential Bushes
Driftowrks CS1 Coilovers - fully adjustable with pillowball front and rear mounts
Driftworks front Camber Arms
Driftworks rear Camber Arms
Driftowrks Hicas Lockout Bar
TEIN extra lock Tie Rod Arms and Ends
Full window out Respray - QM1 White, new window seals, all surface rust removed and full undercoat
Apexi Turbo Timer
Greddy Boost controller
RAYS locking Wheel nuts
Drive Addiction website decals

To come...
Bee*R - sorry I know it's a love hate thing
RSP Stage 1 ECU
Underseat subwoofer

Only had her back on the road a few months, but loving it! so much fun to drive, handles so much better than the other R33's I've owned, the ARBS, Braces, Coilovers and 2 way really transform the car!


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een a while since i posted an update about the car...

just a "few" new toys (adjustable arms, new 18x9.5 RAYS Nismo LM GT4s, new rubber, JL Audio setup with lightweight compact sub (fits snug under the rear brace) MORE bracing, more toys thrown under the hood for 456BHP and full boost @ 3.6k revs makes for a really fun street car)... but most recently:

New brake setup and my new Kaaz Super Q 2 way diff; no more knocks and bangs from the Nismo 2 way GT Pro i had :)


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same as your old one, CR Stage 4 ball bearing with Garrett internals along with an ACT 6 puck sprung.

not really sure what the next step is for the car, for the first time I'm pretty happy how it is.

Will be sound deadening a little and fitting better baffle for the speakers so they perform better, but other than that I can't think of what to do next.

still need a rear strut brace (over parcel shelf version)... but that's about it ... oh and refurbish the new wheels ^^

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Great spec, love the wheels too! Looking a non-staggered set for my GTR actually!
thanks, I just sold my staggered set after finding these, there's another set on ebay in the same fitment for 1,800 which imo i think is a bit high considering the tyres are shot + they've been refurbished in a lighter bronze... but if you're willing to pay that much for them I would go for the new black Omori's for 2,300

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since the power increase, it lasted 15 minutes at Castle Combe before cracking a ringland and throwing a ton of oil out of the dip stick ^^

a few pennies later and the engine's almost ready to drop back in this weekend with:

head/block/crank machined and balanced
removed hump in exhaust ports
CP Pistons 9.0:1
Manley Rods
N1 pump + extended collar
Extended and baffled Sump
Mishimoto Baffled Catch Can to atmos from sump/cam covers AS12
Tomei Poncams
King Bearings
1.5mm cosworth headgasket (should see compression a little lower after the decking)
ARP headbolts
HKS belt
thermostat Oil Cooler AN10
Meth Injection
Mishimoto Rad
Uprated engine mounts
New viscous fan, pulleys, aux belts etc
Link G4+ with new remap inc soon
+ a lick of paint

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