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It’s a Sad fact that the majority of car enthusiasts fail to modify the one component on the car which could make it handle better, stop sharper, and go quicker. It’s also suprisising that we will spend £££’s on wheels, brakes and springs, before looking at the most important component in any car


Fact is, we all think we are pretty good, but most of us will know our limits. Chances are, your car could out perform you any day of the week, unless your name is Sabine or Stig ;)

So, I have taken the trouble of investigating some professional driver training for our members.

Where better to look than the home of car testing in the UK, Millbrook proving ground in Bedfordshire. Better than a flat airfield, the people at CAT driver training have put together a package which helps you understand more about what your car… and more importantly, what YOU can do.

This is an example of what you get for your money:

A fast moving experience for 10 owners and their cars. Designed to
introduce you to the secrets of performance driving. Threshold brake
from 120mph, high speed driving at speeds in excess of 130mph on a
banked circuit. Drive the infamous Alpine Loops and take on the
challenging Handling Circuit.

The instruction is designed to nurture you and your car at a pace you
are comfortable with. Short presentations in vehicle dynamics help to
bridge the gap between driver inputs and vehicle control. This often
ignored information is the key to unlocking the door to grip limit
driving in safety. End the day putting your new found skills to the
test in one of our track prepared training vehicles against the clock.

* A full day experience for you and your car
* Professional in car tuition
* Access to 5 unique circuits at the Millbrook Proving Ground
* Mechanical support from a professional race engineer
* Lunch and refreshments during the day
* Timed end of day "shoot out" in our track prepared Subaru Impreza
* Full emergency services on hand all day
* Exclusive facilities
* Fastest time of the day "shoot out" prizes and presentations
* 1½ hours driving time with your personal instructor

Here's what they say...

We cater for the novice through to the experienced so you
wouldn't be terrified for long! Colin's history of driver training
with Nissan and his every day activities at Millbrook mean that he is
well versed in dealing with differing skill levels and developing
individual ability, knowledge and confidence. Activities are also
tailored according to the skill set attending.

Ref. Skyline specific activities, one aspect of our training that we
would tailor specifically for your members would be to maximise their
understanding of the vehicles capability on exiting a corner. The
Skyline is particularly good in this area and it may be that owners do
not realise its true capability.

On our website we do have a specific page referring to car
club activities and there are a few examples of the feedback
participants have provided along with some photographs of one event
from last year - this is to be found here ...
CAT Driver Training if you'd like to
have a look.

There will also be a professional photographer on site.

This day is not to be confused with a track day, instead, should be viewed as a way of extracting more from your vehicle, and more from yourselves. Afterall, the skills you learn can be employed in whichever car you drive.


For this to work, we need a minimum group of 5 people, Based upon this number, the cost, Per person, is £305

The event is due to take place on Saturday 7th July 2007

At Millbrook proving ground in Beds.


If you are interested, please state your name below.

All payments should be sent to the usual GTROC address.

If you have any questions, please ask.



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If we end up with, say, 8 will price drop accordingly - i.e. £305 each for 5 but £200 each for 8 (approx)?

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No, I'm afraid not. If we get more than 5 people, CAT will lay on another Instructor, to ensure each participant gets the attention and activities mentioned.


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I checked, and I can make it.:D

For payment, who/where do I send payment to please? (Sorry, haven't been a member for too long, so not sure of the details)


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Go on then I can't let Andy, Moley, Shaun and John witter on about how good this was ........:D
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