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Im starting to upgrade my collection to Blu-ray so have some DVD's for sale. ALL my DVD's are immaculate as I collect them (have 800+) so they will all be as new.

On the DVDs I would prefer to sell as one lot for £40, but I would be happy to sell in bundles of 4 for £10.

The Matrix - Collectors Edition 2 disc in special case and artwork
Matrix Reloaded - 2 disc Special edition
Matrix Revolutions
Spiderman - 2 disc Special Edition
Spiderman 2 - 2disc Special Edition
Spiderman 3 - 2 disc Dark Edition with slip on case
Oceans 11 - Original paper Warner Brothers case, damaged on rear (missing a patch of print 1cm by 6 cms)
Oceans 12
Casino Royale - Collectors Edition 2 disc with slip on cover
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Die Hard 4.0 - Special Edition 2 disc
Face Off
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer - Special Edition
Independence Day
The Dark Knight
The Da Vinci Code
Transformers - 2 disc Special Edition with see through plastic slip on case
Wanted - Special Edition

I am also selling both my PS2's and their games.

I have an original PS2 which has never gone wrong, was bought new by me when they had been out almost a year as I rarely buy new technology at the first moment to allow it a chance to let the "must haves" finsih off the quality control testing :D :D Until about 18months ago it was still getting used every so often and works perfectly and is in as new condition. Im afraid the original packaging has gone to see the great recycling genie in the sky :D

I also have a newer slimline PS2 which is still in its original box and has been used perhaps a dozen times, I used to take it with me on stay away jobs so I could carry on whatever games I was playing at the time. Its absolutely perfect as you would expect.

I have one black controller and one silver controller, I dont mind which goes with which unit, first buyer has the choice. I want £35 for either PS2, again first buyer has the choice obviously !!

I also have the following games as well, again I would prefer to sell the whole lot for £40, but will do bundles of 4 for £10.

Crazy Taxi
Dead or Alive 2
F1 2001
Gran Theft Auto - San Andreas
Gran Tourismo 3
Gran Tourismo 4
Midnight Club 3:DUB Edition
Moto GP
Need for Speed Underground
Ridge Racer V
Simpsons Hit and Run
Smugglers Run
Star Wars Starfighter
Tom Clancy Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow
Tony Hawk Underground 2 (Still Sealed :D)
Van Helsing
World Rally Championship

Xploder Game Cheats V2 (sealed)

AAAaaaand Finally !!!

I noticed my brand new still in plastic wrapper LowePro Rezo 160AW camera bag for all you budding David Baileys out there to keep your stuff in neatly when going to a drift event. I got it new with the camera and lenses I bought from Jessops but needed a bigger bag immediately but the manager still insisted I take the Rezo with me and didnt charge for it (or offer to give me a discount on the new bag - bastard !! :mad:). So my gain can be your gain, instead of paying £34 for it at Jessops, or possibly £20 second hand online, you can have this brand spanking new one for £15 delivered. Baaaaaarrrgin !! :D

Its one of these !!

Thanks alot - oh and all prices above include delivery.

J :D
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