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Ive booked a place for the 13th of February session, is anyone else going to this event?

Basic price of £60 for the day

Non-drivers £10

2010 DWYB Dates;

Wednesday 13th January - CANCELLED Due to Weather

Saturday 30th January

Saturday 13th February

Saturday 27th February

Saturday 6th March

Wednesday 24th March

Wednesday 14th April

Wednesday 28th April

Wednesday 12th May

Wednesday 9th June

Wednesday 23rd June

Wednesday 14th July

Wednesday 11th August

Wednesday 25th August

Wednesday 15th September

Wednesday 6th October

Saturday 23rd October

Saturday 13th November

Wednesday 24th November

Saturday 4th December

Wednesday 15th December

More info ;

223 Posts
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I did'nt know you could hire, wow, well i was planning on having a go in mine but how much is the hire car?? I got my ticket posted today can't wait :D
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