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Hi All,

Just want to say a massive thanks to Gary and all the guys at GT-Art for my Dyno day and Boost controller fitting 2 weeks ago. I've been meaning to post and show the plot but still haven't scanned it.

Anyway...Gary was great he spent nearly all day making sure I drove out in satisfactory fashion. The car was running real lean when I got in there so a Nismo Ajustable FPR was included to sort that out. I have to say we were both impressed with the outcome and I must now be in the posession of one of the more potent stage 1 tuned r32s.

Car is a 91 32 GTR

Power mods are:-

Apexi GT spec Exhaust
Apexi GT spec Downpipes and decat
HKS Induction Kit
Mines ECU
HKS EVC 4 boost controller
Nismo Adjustable fpr

On the final run the car made 325bhp at the wheels at 1bar :smokin:

Gary calculated that as 398.52bhp at the fly using Trial Japans estimated GTR drivetrain loss of 23%. The Mustang Dyno people reckon the loss is 30% but I think thats pushing it a bit...anyways whatever the true % I have to say that nigh on 400hp on a stage 1 is pretty damn good and much more than I expected for the level of tune when reading about other peoples.

So once again big thanks Gary for your hospitality and all of GT Arts guys (and girl) for making me feel a happy and valued customer which includes Brent for my disturbing his Fcon wiring install, asking questions and such like.

The car feels awesome and I'm well chuffed. Next on the list is bigger turbos (Nismo Le mans most likely) uprated fuel system and a proper ECU. But more saving is needed now lol. Will post a plot as soon as I can.

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