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As I have a bit of spare time at the moment I thought it might be interesting ( and beneficial to all) to try to tabulate peoples dyno day results against their mods. I think that this would help us all to understand where people are getting their power from and give us ideas in which direction we should be going.

To this end I am asking all you guys who went to Dyno day 2 on Saturday to send me the following info (i will not post names or specific cars on any results);

Type of car (32,33,34, VSPEC etc)
BHP an torque from Sat
What mods you have had done to the car (please try to be as specific as you can, for better comparison)

To make a proper comparison I will need info from as many cars as possible ie the 300,400,500 and 600BHP cars. From these I think I should be able to pinpoint trends as to how thes cars are acieving there power outputs.

I leave it up to you guys, the more info you send me the more feedback I can hopefully give you.

Mail me direct at [email protected]


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I think that's a great idea !

The more cars we can compare the better idea us beginners will get on what bits to do first and what is cost effective.

I have definitely got the tuning bug after watching a couple of runs on Saturday !!

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Hope you don't me putting the info in here, it's quite short and sweet!

BHP achieved: 382
Torque achieved: 290


Car: 1997 UK Spec R33 (i.e. V-Spec with oil cooler, UK ECU etc.)
Induction: BLITZ filters
Exhaust: TRUST d/pipes, BLITZ system, CAT retained
Boost: Supposedly 1.0 bar but averaged about .95 bar on the dyno

Considering the mods have cost only approx £1000, I am quite chuffed to achieve this result!


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How many.


Looks like both of you are out to achieve the same goal.

Why not work together on it, like a Register homework. :D :D ;)

Great idea though if done in a clear manor.

Kind of a chart, with mods across the top and cars down the side in power order.

Maybe money spent colum would be helpful.

Will you get Joss to post it on a page here, or on your own sites???
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