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Hello guys,

Tried doing a search on the forum but couldnt find much info on the eboost apart from a forsale thread so here goes.

Ive got three different boost groups and have noticed on the 1.4bar setting she boosts to 1.5 then eases off to around 1.3 under hard acceleration. My SP setting is 72, Waste gate pressure 1.1 and sensitivity 15. I brought this with the car and havent a clue how it works.

Car spec is;

Stock block bored to 86.5mm and decked
Wiseco forged pistons/rings/pins/locks
Eagle forged Rods
ARP rod bolts
ACL race spec bearings throughout
Tomei MLS headgasket
Tomei MLS inlet/outlet gaskets
N1 oil pump
N1 water pump
Nismo N1 turbos
Trust downpipes
750cc/min siemens racing injectors
Z32 mafs
Nismo panel filter
Exedy hyper twin clutch/flywheel
Japspeed alloy rad
mocal oil cooler system with 19 row element and stat
Jaspeed single box exhaust
Tomei fuel pump
tomei adjustable fuel regulator
HKS hard pipe, full kit, upper and lower

Sorry about the copy and paste :chuckle:
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