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The Ecliptech's SHiFT-i Progressive Shiftlight System is an incredibly innovative shift light system, which can be used on both cars and motorcycles.

The product is universal and will be able to fit most cars and motorcycles. Installation is very easy - the Shift-I only requires three wires to be connected to your car/motorcycles - a positive wire, an earth wire, and a wire to a rpm signal.

What are the plus points with using Shift-I Progressive Shiftlight System?
- User programmable shift light. You can set when the first light illuminates and when the unit flash the “SHIFT NOW!” signal.

- The LEDs are very bright and are seen in your peripheral vision thus you can keep your eyes on the road and concentrate on driving instead of the tachometer.

- The LEDs are bright enough for day time usage and dims in low light condition, i.e. at night.

- Avoid bouncing off the rev-limiter with proper gear selection during competitive driving.


Setting Shift Points
The lights can be set when to start and when to finish - digitally. No revving of the engine required. Make incremental changes accurately and adjust the display to show the rpm range you're interested in. Display mode can be changed while stationary (stopped or at idle) just by pressing the up or down button. 9 displays modes included.

You can even set the Shift-I so that the first light comes on when at the bottom end of your optimal torque band, and the “SHIFT NOW!” signal to activate at the top end of your optimal torque band. This helps you keep your engine operating in the range where you have the most torque available.

You can even set the Shift-I to light up at the optimum rpm for drag launches. With LEDs as a guide, you no longer have to look at the tachometer but instead can concentrate on the “Christmas Tree” at the drag strip.

Display Modes
There are 12 display modes for you to select.

Battery voltage indication

Automatically shows your battery voltage while cranking the engine. To see the battery level whlie travelling just hold the bottom button before turning on the ignition.

Great for checking the alternator/regulator voltage output.

Brightness control
You can easily adjust the brightness to suit your preference. Shift-I is adaptive to different conditions. It has a detailed map that determines what brightness to use for the given ambient light. If you make an adjustment at dusk, it remembers, and won’t ruin the setting for morning/day/night etc….

Cruise mode dimming
After cruising for a minute the display will automatically dim. If you change speed the brightness will automatically be restored to normal.

Over Voltage Alert
Shift-I will automatically flash the last two lights to warn you if your ignition voltage stays above 16 volts (adjustable). This alerts you to a failed regulator which can cause damage to your battery electrics and light bulbs.


How do I know if it will work on my vehicle?
Shift-I should work with all vehicles with a digital tacho signal and great effort has been placed into designing sophisticated digital filters to read a wide range of tacho signals. In short, all modern vehicles will be able to use Shift-I.

At what RPM do the lights turn on?
The RPM range is user programmable. You can set it to light up at any rpm and ends at ant rpm. An example would be setting it to light up at 4,500rpm all the way to 8,000rpm. Settings can be done with the vehicle on idle or even off. You do not have to rev the engine.

Can I have them Flash at just the Shift Point?
Yes! One of the provided display modes will flash all the lights only when you exceed your set RPM point, just like a traditional shift indicator.

Can I Turn the display off?
Yes! Press the down button to cycle through the display modes, the last one is off. An alternative shortcut is to rev the engine while stationary above 2,200rpm and press either button. This toggles the display on and off.

How quick does the display register the RPM?
Very quick! Even with its advanced tacho input filtering. The RPM measurement algorithm does not use the basic pulse counting technique, or frequency to voltage converters. The RPM is digitally calculated per pulse! The filter algorithm is biased to displaying an increase of RPM quickly. The exact time is dependent on the frequency of the tacho signal, however as a general figure, the display will respond to a change in RPM in less than 0.03 seconds.

How long will the Lights last?
These are top quality LEDs, and are driven well within their limits to ensure reliability. LEDs typically have an average lifetime expectancy of 100,000 hours. (11 years of continuous usage)!

How bright are the Lights?
Each light actually has TWO LEDs. They are quite bright and can be viewed from a wide angle! Even with full sun shining on them, you can still see them clearly. It also have a light sensor and will automatically adjusts it brightness when it gets dark. So at night, it will dim down to a set level. You can also adjust what brightness you want and it will automatically remember.

How are they mounted?
[/COLOR]Two high performance acrylic adhesive foam pads are included, which have excellent resistance to ageing, water, most solvents and UV light.

Is the Shift-I waterproof?
They are designed to be "weather proof" which means they are splash proof and suitable for use on motorbikes or open cabin vehicles. The Shift-I must be mounted behind a windscreen, where it is not subjected to the wind pressure or rain.

What are the dimensions of the Shift-I Progressive Shiftlight System?

How much is it?
The Shift-I Progressive Shiftlight System is only GBP100.

Some videos:-
Installed in a BNR32

Installed in a R34 showing the multiple display styles

Installed in a Lotus Elise going around Eastern Creek Raceway

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Our price is extremely competitive already mate. For example, it's sold here for GBP125 excluding GST.

We have ready stocks and will be able to ship it within the next business day.

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MarkBBr34gtr, sure we will have ready stocks. We are an authorized distributor for Ecliptech SHiFT-i Progressive Shift Indicator hence it'll be always in stock. :thumbsup:

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New stocks have arrived! Anyone still looking for a set of very functional shift light at a reasonable price?
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