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i'd like to ask a few questions before i get my ecu upgrade before x'mas.

i'm gonna send a list of my mod. to mine's jap. and ask them to reprogram my ecu. (choose mine's instead of power fc or f-con v coz no one in hk knows wat they're doing)

1. shud i just get the ecu upgrade?

2. 1. + bigger injectors, airflow meter, fuel pump & fuel line?

i'm running 1.10 bar with stock engine & turbos. (very smooth)
mods are arc intercooler & some jap brand radiator, hks oil cooler kit, apexi filters, hks blow off valve, arc titan downpipe + exhaust (decat) & hks evc.

is it necessary to do option no. 2 at my stage as i'm not gonna upgrade to bigger turbos in the next 6-12 months.

wat will be the result after doing no. 1 & no. 2? (no. 2 cost a lot more)

tks. tks.

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