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I had a weird experience on my ER34.

1) While waiting at the lights, the electronics went dead. Headlights (taillight too I suppose), meter lights and the audio unit. It went dead for a second or two but the engine is still running. Afterwhich, everything gained back power and as per normal. My check engine and fasten seatbelt warning lights remain lighted for about 5 secs before turning off.


2) The speakers went dead. My headunit is still playing but there are no power to the amp and thus no sound from the speakers. Have yet to determined whether the amp is fried or the fuse is blown. Think my amp has some problems and it was sent for repair already.

3) During noon time, similar thing as the above happened BUT this time the engine went dead. The first time, I'm idling at the lights and everything shut itself down. Give the car a crank and it restarted. Later it went dead again and I can't crank. Pop the hood and fiddle with the - terminal and are able to restart it.


4) The electricals flicker a bit and came back alive. Just now as an experiment, I flash a couple of times, and the car seem to be drained of power. Everything went dead and flicker about. With the flash pro-longed, the engine went dead. I had to give the battery terminals a knock to be able to restart back the car. After restarting, I did the flash trick again and there's no difference.

Any idea what the hell is wrong with the car???
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