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Been having a slight misfire on my r32 gtr the last couple of weeks, it appears every now and then and is starting to get on my t*ts. The other day I started her up and she wasnt firing on all cylinders... couple of minutes later she sounded fine (only done this once and hasnt done so for the last couple of days). The other night she cut out as I was rolling upto a junction and strangely this morning I noticed the ignition must of cut off for a second as the radio went off, back on and I had ABS and 4WD lights show up on the dash.

If anyone has any idea's it would be much appreciated as im an absolute noob when it comes down to engines :thumbsup:

Apart from this im loving the skyline - cant believe how addictive they are to drive.

Car Spec

Stock block bored to 86.5mm and decked
Wiseco forged pistons/rings/pins/locks
Eagle forged Rods
ARP rod bolts
ACL race spec bearings throughout
Tomei MLS headgasket
Tomei MLS inlet/outlet gaskets
New N1 oil pump
N1 water pump
Nismo N1 turbos
Trust downpipes
750cc/min siemens racing injectors
Z32 mafs
Nismo panel filter
Exedy hyper twin clutch/flywheel
Japspeed alloy rad
mocal oil cooler system with 19 row element and stat
Jaspeed single box exhaust
Tomei fuel pump
tomei adjustable fuel regulator
HKS hard pipes
Apexi power fc
turbosmart eboost

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full-power mis-fires are usually plugs, but this is something quite different. I had a similar problem, which turned out to be water in the fuel tank. best way to check for that is pull the fuel filter from the engine bay and tap it on your hand to see what's in it - water in the fuel will be very obvious as they don't mix.

The other possibilities are coils (or the coil loom) - or a fracture in a wire somewhere (like the coil loom!) that occasionally breaks and kills it - a wee jiggle over a bump etc would be enough to do that. To cite an example, I had a radio issue a while ago where the head unit would stop responding to buttons, volume control etc - it would just stick on where it was, at the volume it was at and I could only turn the car off to stop it!! after pulling it all apart I discovered the plug in the back of the unit had worked itself loose and so when it was cold it wouldn't work, but as the interior of the car warmed up everything expanded slightly and it all made connection again!! Also, going over a bump would break it and another bump would restore it! maddening....
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