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Endless Pads - Authorised UK Dealer


Application - Front - Rear
BNR32 - EP230 - EP231
BNR32 (Brembo) - EP290 - EP291
BCNR33 (Brembo) - EP290 - EP291
BNR34 (Brembo) - EP290 - EP291
ECR33 (2.5L Turbo) - EP230 - EP231
ER34 (2.5L Turbo) - EP230 - EP231

Compound Information:

ME20 is also a semi-metallic compound, developed for racing and rally. It is a step up in initial bite and is more “straight-forward” with regards to brake power. Originally developed for BTCC Super Touring Cars where you have high traction afforded by suspension setup and tire compounds.
The pedal feel and brake power is excellent and equal across the speed range with an easy modulation in all instances. With the ME20 it is possible to perform very hard and late braking into corners.

As with the friction and bite the ME20 is a step up in heat resistance compared to the ME22 and it has shown a very good stabile brake performance at high disc temperatures over 650 °C.
The wear characteristics of both pads and discs are on par with the ME22, and for cold weather and wet conditions it retains the same excellent resistance to water fade. The ME20 also reaches operating temperature very fast, although the range begins 100 °C higher.

Friction average: 0.35 - 0.40µ
Temperature range: 300 - 800 ºC

ME22 is a semi-metallic compound, developed for racing and rally. It has a very good pedal feel with a good response and initial bite. It is suited for drivers that prefer to use a high pedal pressure and still have a controlled braking and modulation. It does not create lock-ups easily and it has a good brake performance at various speeds. It also gives the driver the ability to brake late with hard deceleration into corners.

It has excellent heat resistance and wear characteristics for both pads and discs, especially at very high disc temperatures. Between 550 °C and 700 °C the brake performance and pedal feel is very good.
Even in cold weather operations the ME22 works excellent with a good initial bite and brake power at very low temperatures. In snow rallying at –25 °C the brake response is still on the same level.
ME22 reaches its working temperature after only a few decelerations, and has no problems with water fade during wet conditions.

Friction average: 0.33 - 0.38µ
Temperature range: 200 - 800 ºC

Endless Retail Pricing

SSS - £148 - Envy Price £125
CC-R - £225 - Envy Price £205
CC-X -£215 - Envy Price £195
ME20 - £224 - Envy Price £205
ME22 - £225 - Envy Price £205

Now have the largest stock of Endless pads in the UK!

Every Japanese model and compound catered for.


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