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Continuing from my problem with the fuel pump. It appears that the reason my fuel pump stopped working was due to the 'engine control' fuse blowing. I have since replaced this fuse several times, yet it blows each time cutting the fuel pump. It is fine for normal/slow driving, but as soon as I put my foot down the fuse blows. I am not sure whether it is the fact the cars engine is increasing revs/fuel flow etc or whether it is the physical movement (caused by acceleration) of the car that is causing it to blow.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I have heard that there is a relay connected to this fuse that is triggered by a 'crash sensor' that purposely blows the fuse (hence cutting the fuel) when it detects an impact. Does anyone know where this sensor is, or could in fact confirm it exists?

I will be contacting a specialist on Monday morning, but in the mean time while I have the car in bits I thought I might as well take a look myself.

Thanks in advance.
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