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Hi I'm a newbie to the forum and GTR's and would like to model on CAD the beginnings of a car build project I am starting work on, As I don't have access to a GTR32 or GTR33 I hope some kind souls can help me out with a few questions I have.

What are the basic dimensions ie length/height and width and weight for a fully built engine (not including turbos and exhaust manifold).

What weight is a twin turbo or single turbo and fabricated exhaust manifold).

What are the basic dimensions and weight for the gearbox?

What is the distance of the gear stick mounting from the engine mounting face on the gearbox?

What are the basic dimensions and weight for the rear diff?

I know the answers could be the same as how long is a pice of string because of the different mods. that can be done for different states of tune but at the moment I have nothing to go on so any correct information would be grateful.

If someone has too much time on their hands side or top view photo's with a tape measure or 12" steel rule in the photo for reference would be perfect and very much appreciated.

PS I can work in either new money mm's/kg's or old money inches/lbs
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