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As 2009 is coming to an end why not get some of your love ones to buy you some very nice performance gauges for christmas.

we have over 500 gauges in stock and ready to go :D

From now till 21st December 2009 we will be giving 15% off RRP on all EPR Trisco performance gauges no matter is 52mm or 60mm or the 5" techometer. :D (what the heck I will throw in Free Postage as well with in UK :D :D )

Below is the features you have with each gauge.

- Stepper Motor Provide High Precision & Quick Respond
- Bright LED illumination
- Warning Light
- Precise Electrical Sensor
- Smoke lense when is power off
- White dials with red pointer when power on
- Come with all the wiring, Sensors and instructions needed

- Come with all the wiring and instruction
- Addition control unit is NOT REQUIRED

You can watch the gauge demo here:

YouTube - EP Racing 60mm Stepper Motor Performance Gauge

Pic of gauge:

If you are interested in any please feel free to let me know.

All RRP prices are:

52mm Boost Gauge 2 Bar £44.99
52mm Boost Gauge 3 Bar £44.99
52MM Exhaust Temperature £79.99
52MM Oil Pressure Gauge £49.99
52MM Oil Temperature Gauge £49.99
52MM Voltage meter Gauge £34.99
52MM Water Temperature £49.99

60mm Air Fuel Ratio Gauge £44.99
60mm Boost Gauge 2 Bar £54.99
60mm Boost Gauge 3 Bar £54.99
60mm Exhaust Temperature Gauge £89.99
60mm Oil Pressure Gauge £54.99
60mm Oil Temperature Gauge £54.99
60mm Techometer Gauge £39.99
60mm Vacuum Gauge £39.99
60mm Water Temperature Gauge £54.99

5" Techometer with LED Shift Light £64.99

remember you willl get 15% off from the price above and free postage with in UK. :D

any queries feel free to PM me :D

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