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Not quite a Skyline this time i'm afraid buthere goes.

This is a very honest car I will start with the good bits

As above its a 1.8TD that runs perfect I have owned the car for two years and in that time only had to buy battery & front pads for the car. 2 Years is the longest I have ever owned a car, but its now time to get something smaller.

The car has had very easy use, I have used it as I’m a mobile sound engineer and needed the space for mixers/speakers/amps etc, but I now have a work van so I don't need such a big car.

I may swap but would prefer cash.

What you got?

The car has plenty of MOT and tax.

In true eBay style

Good bits

Only 3 owners from new, I brought the car 2 years ago from my friend who had brought it off his company, it was mostly used on motor ways.

Very honest car no cover ups of any sort

11 months MOT

4-5 months tax

Alloy wheels that I bought off eBay only 2 months ago, mint with good tires.

There are no tears in any of the seats or anything.

The car has just had a full service that included glow plugs, fuel filter and front brakes.

The alloys are near mint with good tiers.

The paintwork is generally very good.

I have the roof bars that lock in to place

The car has an alarm but the keypad has been lost

The car hasn't once let me down

Not so good bits

There is a very small ding in the back bumper perhaps a few inches’ long. The bumper is not cracked

The front bumper is missing a little big of paint about an inch square.

On the passenger door at the top by the window there is a small amount of rust, I have no idea why. Been quoted 100 to make the bodywork mint agian

The driver’s seat if different to the rest of the seats, it’s very very similar just slightly different, you wouldn’t notice it unless you was looking for it

There is very little history with the car as it wasn't handed over to my friends company but we know it was serviced and looked after with no worry about cost by the company.

I may swap but would prefer cash.

What you got?
Here is a pic of the Alloys before I put them on the car, I brought them off eBay for over £150 only a few months ago and there 99% mint.

£800 In south ockendon essex
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