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I bought this last year from a forum member.
Great car, but I'v just not used it with everything else.
And with the cage it's a two seater, which I have more than enough of considering I have a wife and two kids.
So it's up for sale...

Original advert is here:

The car runs and drives very well.
It's loud, VERY fast and a lot of fun.
The interior is partially stripped which will lower the appeal to some, but for the price it's an unbelievable spec and represents great value for money.

I am asking only £48,000 for this car.
Because I don't want to sit on it for 6 months. This isn't a money making exercise. It's a making space in the garage sale.
It has no known issues and I am happy to take you out for a drive if you seriously want to buy it.


Engine and transmission

Veyron fuel pump
R34 Getrag gear box rebuilt 2000 miles ago
Fully rebuilt head with new everything 2000 miles ago, bottom end was only built 3500 miles before this
Veilside inlet manifold
Precision 6766 billet twin entry turbo
Twin HKS oil cooler set up (fitted 300 miles ago)
Greddy intercooler
Greddy Wastegate
Endless Surge tank
ARC radiatior
HKS fuel rail
New clutch 2000 miles ago when gearbox was rebuilt
Tial Dump valve
Nismo engine mounts
V Spec oil pump to rear
HKS 3.75" exhaust from turbo
Endless oil pickup
Tomei oil pump
Clevite race main and rod bearings
ATI Crank damper modified with 60-2 trigger
CP Pistons
Eagle rods
Nismo crankshaft
N1 water pump


Tein suspension, fully adjustable
Corner weighted
D2 calipers and floating discs front and rear
TE37 alloys with AD08R tyres

Other features

Full welded roll cage
Dash fully flocked
Nismo dials
Nismo arches
Nismo front bumper
Carbon taller spoiler legs
Endless fibreglass bonnet and boot

The previous owner looked after this very well, I've had it serviced, MOT'd but have only done 150 miles in it.

There are a lot more photos on the original sales link above.
As said, it's only done 150 miles since then and has lived inside (as it did with last owner).


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I bet there will be more than a few people wishing they had 48k right now! Myself included! Good luck with the sale!

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More than a bargain.

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Christmas is round the corner come on lads get your chance at one for Richards finest ***x261d;***xfe0f;***x1f4aa; good luck with the sale

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You defo know its a awesome price when Toni refrains from locking a 'sold' thread, but instead drops a line stating just how damn a good price this was. :chuckle:

Shows how were all Human who said Mods were just like robots. :rolleyes:
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