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So, car didn't start quite as crisply as always this morning but put that down to still having heated seat on.

Wash and brush up at Over the Rainbow and breakfast at the Ace Cafe with the paper (a good start to a Saturday) and then a quick run round that paradise that is Ikea to grab some bits and thinking wonderful weather to run home.

Nothing.....some lights on dash and a dull clunking from engine. Bugger, checked electrics and still nothing. RAC you get with car ran out a couple of months ago with the end of three years of ownership. Never blinking had to use it before.

Anyway quick brainwave and call to Nathan the Sales Manager at Nissan London West which is a few miles away on the off chance....exceptional response, didn't even hesitate when he heard what issue was and within 12 minutes of making a call Stan from the dealer turned up with a huge charge pack, plugged it in and she came too life! Shook hands and headed off......extraordinary service. NHPCs do get maligned (and correctly so in most instances) but when they really pull a cracker out it should be shouted about just as much.

Huge thanks to Nathan and the team - saved me a massive headache (and embarrassing one - sat in car park with bonnet up is not a good look!).
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