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Picked up myself a new (second hand) password jdm exhaust, currently have the old 80mm gtc Titan on there which is really nice, just love the sound of the password, problem is that I took into my mates garage to have it fitted this weekend only to find when I removed the under tray that the tips on the gtc are welded on and not clamped, which is a shame as I love the tips on the Titan. So the question is any suggestions on tips from anyone, I've seen the jet fighter looking ones and it's not my cuppa tea tbh and find them pretty overpriced, rexspeed seem to do carbon ones or titanium ones ( which if I'm honest kinda look like fake titanium ones as the blue is a bit too prominent) any other suggestions from people?
I can just find some standard tips as they are what you are supposed to use when fitting it but just wanted something a bit different.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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