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Hey Guys

Ok I know this has been asked tons of times and YES I have done a search and read through alot of the posts....however....Exhausts on an R32 GTR ?

I've got a Mines VX Silence full system, with unknown cat replacement pipe and Mines front pipe pro on my car at the moment.

I really love the sound it makes but it's just not loud enough for my taste(eg: I had a 3" side exit on one of my old R5 GT Turbos, now that was LOUD)

I'm after something louder for the Skyline but I dont want something that gives cabin boom on the motorway, a mates R34 GTR with HKS (dont know which one) system sounds amazing but I believe that's because of the cam profiles, turbos etc on the R34 lump rather then the exhaust....that right ?

Would consider doing a few trackdays in the future but car is mostly a weekend play thing for the road.

I was thinking Blitz Nur as they're rumoured to be uber loud but the search showed up a few people who said a) they're just too damn loud once they've bedded in and b) they give bad cabin boom between 2K-4K RPM and its so bad it gives you a headache.

So any other ideas ? The HKS one is called a Silence HI Power....asssuming that means it's not very loud like mine ?

The Racing spec system looks lovely but daaamn is it expensive.

Has anyone got any sound clips of the different exhausts ?

Cheers, G.
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