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These tend to be a popular favourite for use Skyline lads and ive seen similar items sell quickly on here before, so wish to offer these up for sale to you guys, I don't have a back garden lending out to the woods at my new place :bawling: so don't get to use these at all anymore.

Detailed/ Highres images are at the bottom of this post

First up are my Paintball markers, I'm selling as pair/ set together for £220 plus postage ( Approximately £20 for UK 1st class recorded).

1). 2004 Smart Parts ION marker

US competition spec (This is not suitable for public paintballing session, i.e Highpower, full auto. Paintballing Centre/ Range rules may differ)

Black, with powder coated matt black parts (frame, barrell, tank linkage) with durable black ABS type rubber protective outer and grips.

Complete with Quantum View loader hopper, with battery operate feeding mech, fatty boy loading tubb.

Matching air tank, spare batteries, tookit and spares, instructions manuel, upgrade receipts, muzzle plug and muzzle hood. Original box.

This markers packs a punch and has a good rate of fire, over 10 round per second! Lots of sources on the internet if you google or tube to reference this model.

2). Customised Auto-Hock Paintball Marker

Novice paintball marker, has been custom sprayed, comes with two barrells, matching and extended sniper barrel, own hopper and air tank. No box or manuel, hav'nt used for sometime has a slight leak, requires a O-ring replacement at hocking mech, needs air in tank/ system before hocking arm can be released, simple quick fix if you have the know how. Power adjustment/ ajustable.

Next up are some CO2 pistols;

1). Baikal MP-661K DROZD (aka The Lairy Russian)

.177 semi auto sub machine rep etc, this is the UK spec version in Black, Semi auto, Electric micro trigger and loading mech, purchased in the UK, complete with Mag, speedloader, two piece stock, BBs (approx 1800 included), push rod and 20 CO2 canisters. Many resources on the net just google or tube, this can be modified with 88g canisters and full auto switch board and even extendend barrells so lots of further potential. Has Dove rail for attachments also, holds about 30 rounds per mag, first group of shots with fresh CO2 canister are strong as with most CO2's, awesome trigger and loud "pop tat pop" sound when firing.

Requires 6 AA batteries, but of then that ready to go, asking for £80 + plus delivery £10 UK mainland.

2) Daisy Powerline 2003 model blow back/ kick back feature Semi-auto

.177 pellets, BBs, CO2, In good condition but slightly nigelly when the CO2 goes down after 10 - 15 shots and require cocking to reset blow back etc

Comes with 10 CO2 canisters, approximately 200 BBs and ammo bag and Case, with push rod and mag, no instruction but easy to operate, change CO2 can by clipping off the grip, then remove top load mag and load each BB, replace mag and **** top slide, Has safety. Ready to go, this is a large/ hefty pistol btw, with kick back bolting action.

Asking for £35 plus delivery of £10 UK mainland

PM me to secure or ask questions, Paypal payments please.

Highres images;

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