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Hi everyone.

As some of you might be aware I have been trying to put on a Performance Analysyis type track day. Unfortunately the response wasn't that great, so I was wondering if any of you would like to come to Croft for first track session.

We will hopefully be putting these events on a regular basis at Croft Race Track in North Yorkshire.

Croft Circuit is 2.127 miles in length
(3.43km). The track has a unique feature,
which enables the full international circuit
to be split into two loops allowing
simultaneously activity.

3 x 20 minute sessions on Croft Race Circuit.

You will receive classroom instruction on race craft and car control to help you meet the challenge of driving quickly around an international racing circuit.

Your track time will be broken down into three sessions with a fully qualified race instructor, who will give you one to one instruction and take you for the ride of your life on high speed demonstration laps.

During the course you will also have two sessions to test your skills on the autotest. The first will be a practice session and the second will be timed to see how quick you really are!

Lunch will be provided at the end of the morning session.

On completion of your course we will debrief you before your departure. We hope you will have had an exhilarating and memorable experience.
First Track Day:

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2002

Price £110 per head maximum of 25 participants per day please send an e-mail to me for more details or click on my banner or log onto my site.

The track is booked, and I really don't want to waste the opportunity to come and drive around this great track. If it is a success we will be holding these event 3-4 times a year.

Thanks very much!
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