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Dear All.

One of the guys on here, Jools, who owns a BB 34 is competing in a sponsored drive to St.Moritz to raise money for a charity called CWAC (Children With Aids Charity.)

They are leaving from Charles Street, London, W1 on Sunday 23rd June at 9.15 am and along the way will have numerous map reading tasks to carry out so hopefully reaching St.Moritz the following Thursday.

I have tried to attach a .doc that julian has sent me but I can't :rolleyes: . Any ideas ?

Some of you guys/gals may have met Julian at JAE last year. I can vouch for knowing the guy and if anyone fancies it they could always give him and the other competitors a send off next Sunday 23rd :D .

Personally I am going to offer a donation of £50. But it is upto each individual what they choose to do.

You can offer donations etc., directly to Julian at [email protected] .

Bye for now.


ps. I was going to mention to the new owner of this site that it may well be a nice idea for us to consider a charity run/meet etc., in the future.
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