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Is with a heavy heart I make this post.

1993 December – Mazda RX7 type R2

1100kgs (weight down from 1250kgs)

The car currently runs an HKS TO4Z single turbo and makes 400bhp at the wheels at 1 bar boost on pump fuel, 435 at the wheels at 1.2 bar. 1.4 bar would I suspect be around 470 at the wheels.

The engine has made more power, with a T51R turbo;
527 bhp at the rear wheels using 1.4 bar boost and 120ron race fuel
(equates to approximately 620bhp at the flywheel) But this was at the expense of low down power.

The vehicle still holds a record;

Fastest RX7 over 1.25 miles in Europe with 183.3mph – genuine 200mph capability

I still believe with the T51R it is the most powerful 13B REW engine dynoed in the UK.

This car has also featured in various issues of J-tuner and was the the cover feature on the very first issue. I will give the new owner a copy (never even opened or read) for prosperity.

The car is set up for track and sprint use. We have run it up the strip, but with the suspension set up, stiff sidewall tyres and gearing its never going to be the fastest up the strip. Fastest time set so far was a 12.2 although we reckon it did an 11.9 but never got the slip to prove it.

Here is the vast list of modification;

Engine/Cooling/Exhaust modifications:

RX Motors bridge ported engine,
Trust front mount intercooler,
Trust hard piping,
Trust inlet plenum,
Trust twin oil coolers,
Greddy manifold,
Greddy down pipe,
Trust ‘type R’ wastegate,
Trust pulley kit,
Section engine damper,
RE-Amemiya large capacity radiator.
FEED exhaust mid pipe,
Blitz Nur spec catback exhaust or Fujitsubo quiet catback exhaust.

Electronic/fuelling modifications:

Power FC ECU with commander unit,
550cc primary injectors,
1680cc Bosch secondary injectors,
KGP fuel rail,
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and fuel lines,
VDO fuel pressure gauge,
Nismo R33 GTR fuel lift pump,
2x Bosch 044 scavenger pumps,
Custom Tomei swirl pot,
Greddy profec B spec II boost controller,
Greddy water temperature gauge,
Greddy oil temperature gauge,
Greddy oil pressure gauge,
Greddy EGT (exhaust gas temperature) gauge,
Greddy boost gauge,
SARD attack meter,
Tech Edge wide band air/fuel ratio gauge and kit,
Uprated plug leads,
NGK racing spark plugs (10's leading, 11's trailing),
HKS twin spark amplifier,
Battery relocated to rear of car,
Start ignition switch in dash,
RE:Worx water injection system .
Aquamist water injection flow gauge.

Brake modifications:

AP Racing 4 pot front callipers,
Projec Mu slotted discs,
Electronic line lock,
Ferodo DS2500 brake pads,
Braided brake hoses,
Master cylinder stopper brace.

Interior and Chassis modifications:

Custom aluminium door panels,
Custom Aluminium dashboard,
Recaro reclineable seats (x2),
Cusco front strut brace,
RE-Amemiya under car chassis brace,
Rear strength bars,
Rear roll cage to comply with sprint regulations,
Autoexe front and rear chassis braces,
Racing beat front and rear uprated anti-roll bars,
Racing Beat front anti-roll bar support bar,
Ohlins Coiloveradjustable suspension,
Fully stripped and lightened interior with no sound proofing,
Momo Steering wheel on a modified steering column,
Mazdaspeed gear nob,
Mazdaspeed quick shift kit,
2x Sparco Racing 4 point harnesses with Trust covers.

Gearbox/drive modifications:

OS Giken Twin plate clutch (needs an overhaul kit to be used again)
Now fitted with an Extreme single plate clutch,
3.9 LS rear diff for top speed,
4.1 LS rear diff for drag/track,

Exterior modifications:

C-West front bumper,
RE-Amemiya side skirts,
GT Atyle rear wing,
RE-Amemiya carbon fibre rear diffuser,
BBS LM 18" Alloys, 265 width rear tyres and 225 width front Dunlop Do1J tyres.
Dare 18" wheels with Pirelli P-Zero 225 width slick tyres.
Also a full set of Avon ZZ3 wet weather tyres.
Scoot vented bonnet (original not a poor fitting copy)
Ganador wing mirrors,
C-west Sleek headlight conversion,
Tinted rear window.

The car has had so many oil changes it would shock most! normally changed with a new Mazda oil filter using 10w40 76 racing mineral oil every few HUNDRED miles at most. It has had all the rear suspension bushes replaced. The clutch is not even fitted yet so is brand new (will be fitted in the next few weeks).

This is an awesome car in every respect, mind blowing acceleration, brakes and handling. It would terrify most including me many times!

Of course we will have the decals removed for the new owner professionally and will carry out any paint repairs as necessary to get the paint to a1 condition. The car will also be fully serviced before sale and will come with a years MOT and 6 months road tax.

I have literally hundreds of photos of the car and will endeavour to get some posted up here as soon as I have selected some good ones.

The price is as you may expect high for a car like this, but considering the huge amount spent on the car its more than fair.

We will continue to use and enjoy the car until its sold, we are in absolutely no rush to sell and will hold out for the right price so please dont even bother with silly offers, the answer will be no.

Offers in the region of £20,000+

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