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Hello everyone,

I thought I'd post up about the Ferodo DS2500 pads that we fitted to my car on Friday.

These are simply awesome, the braking power is remakable compared to standard pads. I have not done much high speed work yet but they'll be tested further at Bedford on Friday.

The first proper brake test was from about 50 mph and if I hadn't been wearing a seatbelt I would have gone through the windscreen !!

I actually slid forward in the seat. This never happaned with the old std pads.
I had got my moneys worth out of the std items with the squeal shims almost worn out but even when there was a lot of meat on the pads they were never anywhere close to the performance of the Ferodos.

I now have a case for wearing my harness when driving on the roads:D

I thought they were a bit dear but now fitted I can see it is money well spent...

I can wholly recommend them to any of the doubters out there (until Friday I was one too)


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indeed !

Well said that man !!

I have been using bedding mine in since they were fitted at Abbey (picked the car up last saturday).

Had to press them a touch harder this evening on the way home from work (on a dual carriageway), and the car slowed SO quickly, i almost headbutted the wheel.

I had new forumla greenstuff on before, and they were impressive once they were really hot, but poor when they were cold. The stopping power with these pads on is 10x better than before. I was impressed with my big brake conversion before, now i'm even more impressed.

I'd recommend these pads to everyone.

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