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This loverly F430 was booked in for a winter protection detail. More details of this service can be found on my website. Griffiths Detailing - Homepage

The idea of this service is to add maxium protection over those winter months, however on picking the vehicle up I was told the car is only used maybe once per month and the owner was looking for a nice glossy finish. For that reason I slightly changed the service and the vehicle has been booked in again twice over winter for wax top ups.

Havent really took tons of pictures as its a straight forward detail so ill let the pictures mainly do the talking.

Car recieved a full decontamination including snow foam, wash, tardis, iron x and clay

Roof was treated with the immense Car pro fabric guard

Wheels where removed, cleaned and the treated with Raceglaze nano wheel sealent

One stage machine polish using Black Fire Gloss Enhancing Polish and then 2 layers of Raceglaze 55 wax to leave this finish

Glass was protected using Gtechinq G1

Thank you for looking

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