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Bits ive got to get shot of - all genuine JDM where brand names are used:wavey:

Border strut brace (r33/34)

R33 Carbon Bonnet Lip
R33 FRP bonnet lip
R33 Carbon spoiler blades (nismo style with raised rear lip)
R32 N1 bonnet lip (carbon)
R32 N1 boot lip (carbon)
R32 Carbon side spats

R33 Carbon Rear Spats
R33 Top Secret Spats
R33 Standard Nissan “copy” spats FRP

MINES cooling panels (32/33/34)
MINES Rear boot carbon add on “lip” (r34)
MINES air intake scoop (R34)

R34 Carbon bumper protectors

Garage Defend Cooling panel (GTS & GTR)

Plus1 rear spoiler lifter kit R33

Top Secret Rear Diffusers (R32/33/34)
Top Secret Carbon cooling panel & Ti
Top Secret Oil / Washer catch tank (33/34)
Top Secret Strut braces (R33/34)
Top Secret Oil Caps/Fuel covers/Shifters
Nismo carbon b trims (33/34)

Apexi induction kit R33/32

Various uprated exhausts (used but good condition) R32/33/34
Various front pipes (greddy/ hks etc) r32 33

R34 Nismo Full Z tune Kits
R34 Carbon spoiler blade

Auto Select Steering wheel
Auto Select “Devil wing blades” R33

Abflug front diffusers (r32)
Abflug rear diffuser (R33 /32)
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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