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having sorted out my engine for summer weather, and she's got her groove back in a BIG way, I was pondering how I can carry on my addiction - there are literally no engine parts I can think of, at least none that are needed. Maybe an aluminum coolant tank plus breather? That's it.

Nothing to have a go at in the boot, that's been long finished.

But I just installed a set of Momo DNA pedals and they do feel quite nice. I fabricated a rubber spacer for the clutch pedal, so that I can sit a little more back yet still fully depress the clutch.

Yeah, I've got to go ahead and do the interior!

I'm thinking, toss the tatty old carpet and then lay in some padded alcantara. It's not wearproof, but anywhere anyone could possibly step is covered with Nismo flootmats.

And then how about the roof ***** in alcantara as well?

Reupholster the rear seats, they could use some freshening after 18 years of use.

Rear deck trim - it's nothing but a bit of fiberboard and carpet. So we'll recover that as well.

Just need to find someone who can do everything imaginable in alcantara. I briefly considered leather, then remembered that I'm not fond of leather interiors.

Wee Duncan, at 5 months of age, is already crawling around and weighs a staggering 12kg, with proportional height. He's outsized most one year olds I've seen. Dunno what mum's been feeding him but if he keeps growing at this rate...why, it'll ruin his future MotoGP career if he's too tall!! Anyways, he outgrew the Recaro infant seat I had bought for him, and I've just ordered a full-size Recaro toddler seat from Germany that they say is good for up to 36kg. Killer seat, it's got a five-point harness and fat side-impact bolsters, and can later convert to a booster seat held in by the car's three-point seatbelt:

Anyways, I want to match the rest of the car's interior around that seat. Only question is, do I get Recaro or Momo buckets for the front seats? Momo seats seem to be discontinued - i.e. VERY inexpensive compared to Recaros. But do they suck? They are FIA approved, and I do fancy the huge HANS-compatible driver seats, although having a look over the shoulder while backing up could be, well, challenging. But if I can get a backup camera installed...?

Last bit I can think of at the moment is to put in a touchscreen tablet PC and mount it just above the center console vents. As much as I loathe Windows, FC Edit and Copilot do not run on Macs, and Apple doesn't have a touchscreen tablet out yet. I like the idea of this alot, because not only can I make adjustments with Datalogit quickly as well as log on the fly, I can use it for satnav, the missus can watch movies and DMB television, and I can load a ton of mp3s as well. Furthermore, if I can find a rear camera that will work with it, I can use it as a backup video monitor, and finally, because Seoul has a complete WiBro wifi network, I can have internet in the car long as I'm going slower than 120kph :chuckle:

Anyways, by the end of this project, I hope to have an interior that's quite fresh and with "new car smell", a bit more comfort, the baby's car seat custom anchored in the center of the rear bench (will see when it arrives but I'll have webbing anchoring it at the bottom, and then strap the top to the rear deck where I'll drill in two more bolt anchors. Everything will be a cozy black alcantara suede. And that computer should bring most functions available in new cars to my positively ancient R32.

Oh, and I have decided on doing a matte black film wrap of the car. I've seen quite a few done now, and although it's becoming more and more common, I've decided on it because the cost of it is on par with a respray, and the breaking point was sweating my ass off in stifling humid weather during the last hand wax. Dizzy from the effort, I realized that, if it were matte black film, I could just wash it with soap to get the dirt and oil off, and be DONE with the detailing (well, except for the wheels).

In terms of long-range plans for the engine...depends on how long it lasts. I just read about this Chevy Volt car people have been talking about, and I got rather excited that development on series-hybrid drivetrains is market ready. I figure in 5 years battery technology should be good enough to get a 40 mile range (which is the case now)...but powering about 500kW worth of electric motors! With batteries in the boot, and the RB26 up front replaced by a tiny 1 liter engine designed to charge the batteries (instead of some pansy 50hp engine, I'll get some monster generator and drive it with a Yamaha R1 literbike engine running 175bhp :D...anyways, that'll change the weight distribution of the car quite a bit. Perhaps I'm mad in thinking of doing an electric conversion to a Skyline but...mammoth torque, no more worries about det and melting pistons, and the engineering challenge of new technology, it's appealing.

If not, there's always the VH41DE V-8 waiting for twin turbos, side-exit exhausts and 900bhp...

ok, time to put my manic brain down for the night.

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That baby seat you have ordered looks like the one we have installed for our little one over here in Sweden.

The one we have is called 'Recaro Polaric' and can be seen in this link Capital Seating and Vision > Seating, Vision and Accessories for Hardworking Environments Ours is the grey/petrol colour combination and it really does look the business.

A word of warning though, the seat doesn't recline hardly at all and it sits very upright, the instructions would lead you to believe otherwise though.

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