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Thanks guys

Thanks guys. It's finally getting there.

I put it in there as I'm getting a company car and thought I'd go to town on my car and make it into a fast road/drift/track car, so I wanted it for safety and chassis rigidity. It has made a noticeable difference to the handling. It doesnt seem to have as much bodyroll and is more accuate when steering hard. My rear tyres are completely bald though so I've not been able to try it that much. Getting some tyres tomorrow.

Next step is intercooler and suspension. Then a slight twiddle with the boost pressure ;) Windscreen happened when I (being a muppet) welded in the front legs and realised that the roof bar was in the wrong way. As I tried to budge it I gave it a bit too much force and launched it through the windscreen ;) Oh well! Abbey Motorsport to the rescue!

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