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hello everybody! I'm new on here and just wanted to say hi and tell you a little bit about my first night out in ma 32.
Bought the GTR back in may and have been tinkering with her ever since. Have just got her on the road and the first night I take her out for a spin round a nearby town and what happens? Ally gets a race! lol! was an evo8 mr320 ,well if I'm honest I kinda initiated the race but anyway, we pulled up beside each other in 1st and emptied the cars together. Evo shot off! :eek: then princess RB hit boost,lit all fours snaking all over the road and followed like the road runner on E's! Evo was about a car length ahead and stayed that way in 1st and 2nd, got into 3rd and started to real him in! he bounced the limiter in 3rd, by this stage I was at his door pillar and then into 4th and.....bye bye mr 2 litre! :chuckle:
Got talking to him after and was definately a civil enough spud, ended up bringing him for a spin. He was well impressed with the power in 3rd and 4th, couldnt believe the torque! Anyways bit of good owl craic, but how them evos can just get up and go is unreal! something I'll be watching in the future!
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