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Ive stripped the engine today - well 2hours worth and findin my way around really. Took wads of pics and sat with a copy of Merlin mag and ordered sh*te loads of new Samco 4ply hoses and braided lines for the catch catch can and other choice bits. but unbelievable found all new Samco hoses sunk all around the engine bay - so thanks Walter Vangoole - Ise of SKye (who i got her off last year).
Took strut to be polished with all the GReddy hard pipes - got a slightly used Blitz intercooler, new carbon cooling panel - carbon cam cover and generaly refurbin the car.
Bought a Trust Gracer body kit off one of the lads on here - Cheers
New carbon blade ( off here) for the wide Nismo spoiler - some trick alacantara goodies for inside - a wheel refurb to go (or new wheels) and some paint and we're there.......
It's got all new Fully adjustable Tein Suspention and a a pretty mad list of spec extras - Total of £68K reciepts (includin original £47K engine bill from Top Secret Engine. Just been neglected body wise....

I'll keep you posted.. should be sweet as its 630bhp/- basically PERFECT MECHINCAL ORDER! so will be rockin when its tidied... Just chucked £1700 at the boys at RB to replace all ball joints and bushed underneath - and hoses Trust racing Plugs new filters and a ignition module - (£550 Nissan only part).
So now she screems

before and after pics below




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Awesome!!!! love the TS bonnet!!!
Keep the pics coming buddy!

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the last 12 months have been mental.
It started with a garage fire (LUCKILY the car was in my dads warehouse) but I lost some parts and ALL my tools - felt like I'd lost a leg!! I reckon £3K+ tools and £1500 worth of bits I'd collected.
So the last 12 months has been about buying parts as and when I can... I've also had a little girl so cash has been REALLY tight. But managed to get:
Intercooler - another one (GTC)
Takata Harnesses
suction pipes
getting pipes polished (professionally)
CF engine covers
ARC air box
material for interior
new splitter
new hose kits
new spoiler
window seals ready for respray
etc etc

and just about ready to start doing something... but the car is in the warehouse - and we are moving house soon so the car has bee untouched really... been driving me crazy!

As soon as I'm in the house I'll start taking pictures and getting on with it!

Been fun watching your builds in the mean time and giving me plenty of ideas!!

last pic I took before taking it off the road

in hibernation
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