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I am only asking cos I read a bit of a post and it made me think! I recently got a R33 GTR and on my way home thought it was a little juicy on fuel despite driving like a jessy.. was on the motorway all the way going easy and I reckon I got about 70miles for £20.00.. is that normal? also noticed that when I put my foot hard down to accelerate the engine went really flat.. i.e like it was suddenly running over rich or maybe lean.. if you eased the throttle on it seemed a lot better. but I also had a boost problem in that the boost suddenly dropped down to 0.65ish from 0.9 and wouldn't come back up.. (mayeb the two are linked?)I have been told this could have been an over boost sensor but haven't run the car since (another story entirely!) If anyone can give me pointers about what to look for and where roughly to look for the aforementioned I would be very grateful..

basically the car is fairly standard.. it has an apexi induction kit and decat system.. don't think anything has been done with the ECU.. Could this cause problems?

thank you

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