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'Back in the day' when I was a 'mod' I set the board up so that every new member could only post 15 posts before being automatically stopped... then they had to PM a mod [me] to post anymore.

The effect was fantastic, when [during the silly season] we had the odd 'parachutist' drop in to vent his spleen the members would 'count him down'... for the parachutist this was bloody infuriating and the entire exercise became a much enjoyed 'sport' for the members...

I prompted this way of dealing with them on the MLR and for most parachutists knowing that they are on borrowed time somehow 'neuters' them...

I commend the '15 Posts of Fame' approach for the GTR and ask for a 'seconder'...

That way we can compete to see who can make the fools waste their posts quickest and count them out... good sport for us all.
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