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Hi All,

Selling my R33 GTR 2.6 Twin Turbo - Silver 75,000 miles £9995

Reason for selling - I've just had my WRX STi nicked and am fed
up with looking out every morning wondering if my liner is still

Its a personal import, imported in June 06, so it was MOT'd and taxed
when it came in to me.

Its done 75000 mile, jap papers say recent clutch and cambelt.
I had a Clifford Concept 650 with anti HiJack fitted.

Faults are the tacho dont work - since trying to fit 5 different
delimiters! and radiator has a tiny split in the filler neck - although this
doesnt effect the running of the car.

Price of £9995 is cost, so thats the lowest price.

Based in Leicester - Mob 0777 8464 023

Cheers, Paul

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