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1995 Skyline R33 GTR V-Spec. Never damaged, white with dark grey interior, low mileage (37,000 Km's)

Modifications: Engine ECU converted to socketed EPROM to
enable easy re mapping for any future engine upgrades.
EPROM currently mapped perfectly to engine spec. 385 BHP.
Top of the range HKS front mount intercooler custom fitted
to seal all means of air bypassing it. 25 row race oil cooler
with thermostat. ERL race Water/methanol injection system. Boost raised
to 1 bar. Custom stainless steel 3 inch from turbos to rear
dual exhaust. £4500 worth of Ohlins suspension. NISMO negative
camber suspension arms. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup road legal
race tyres on stock forged R33 rims. Spare set of stock forged
wheels with Pirelli P Zero-C road legal race tyres. Perfect
set of standard Bridgestone tyres.

Custom suspension geometry set up.
AP Racing six pot race calipers, fully floating race discs,
Performance Friction carbon kevlar brake pads all round.
Stainless braided teflon brake hoses, Castrol SRF race brake
fluid. New clutch assembly just fitted. 12 months MOT.

Pics available at

All work meticulously carried out to highest race standards by
professional outfit. Suspension set up on track to perfection, this car

This car is totally tractable on the road, yet on road legal
tyres laps Oulton Park in 1:54 minutes, and Donington National
in 1:18 Possibly best handling road legal Skyline in UK.
Selling to finance new project.

£15,000 no offers.

Home / work : 01948-841581
Mobile : 07971-952084
Fax : 01948-840019
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