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I got a pair of fantastic LED Daytime Running Lights for sale.
I had them on my spec1 bumper but since I changed for a Ziax GTR style bumper I won't be fitting them again.

These units are the real deal, not like the cheap LED strips you get on ebay.
They're OEM quality altough they're universal fitment aftermarket units.
They're SMD LED's in proper reflector like housing, it's the closest Audi-like daytime running lights can get. The connectors are HID kit style waterproof stuff and I have the intructions as well (in German).

Light output is very, very bright and white. The pictures might look blue(ish) but it's a camera effect, the light is pure white and extremely white.

I bought them from Germany for 145 Euros 3-4 months ago, they're still in very good nick.

Price: £70 posted

Video review:
YouTube - TM Tuning Inpro LED Daytime driving lights



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Interest to buy

Dear buyer,

I'm interested in buying this item. Still available for sell?

You mentioned that it's reduced to 50 pounds posted. This means free delivery in Uk? How about if post to Bangkok, Thailand?

How's the condition of this item?

Pls get back to me on this or e-mail [email protected]

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