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Hello together

As several announced...

I have for sale:

make: Nissan
model: Skyline GTR
generation: R33
color: Spark Silver (KL0)
registration: 1995 Japan, 1999 UK, 2007-january CH
power: 350 hp(with catalyst and the modifications below)
KM: circa 80'000km
last MFK: 11.01.2007 (registration date)
last maintenace: 07.12.2007 (oil change, oilfilter change, new battery, battery killswitch in the trunk, cambelt inspected)

HKS HiPower Silent Turboback (JapanSpec 3.75") >> without permission
M's Air Induction (Sportluftfilter) >> without permission
Mine's VX-Rom ECU >> without permission
ARC titanium radiator cooling plate
Top Secret carbon hood >> ^registered with the hood, but not written in the document
Carbon front splitter
leather seats (front + back)
complete blue samco hose kit (ca. 12 pieces) >> not installed

=> oem Airbox, Ecu, exhaust included (for the mfk tests)

=> Anmerkung:
I don't have driven the car on a circuit.
back bumper has some scratches.

price 45'000.- CHF (swiss francs)

Please contact me for questions.

=> write me a mail with titel "Nissan Skyline" at: [email protected]


cheers Andres

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that's about 20,726.94 GBP according to

For that price you'd better post it on a swiss forum.. Since the advantage of having it registered there does not count for the uk.

good luck with the sale
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