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My car is FINALLY coming out of the body-shop so I will be selling this on as I will no longer need it.

I bought with the intention (and still intend unless the price is right) to swap over the stage 2 mods to my other one.

Car as it stands is sitting with the following :
full GTR Interior including door cards
aftermarket wheel/boss
uprated and very good speakers (2 way fronts, 6x9 rears)
18" Genuine WORK Ryver wheels in gloss black , lots of tread on tyres still
S14 steering rack and full hicas delete including ECU / lockout
rear camber arms
full exhaust system
front facing intake plenum
stainless steel exhaust manifold and top mount
scream/external wastegate
uprated injectors/fuelpump etc all supporting mods for 440bhp @ 1.2bar
car had been repsrayed by a member on here in blue, looks stunning in the sun
genuine Nismo skirts/bumper, GTR front bumper
Genuine GTR Wing with carbon blade

bad bits
minor patches of rust that need treating on arches/sills/strut tops (i have replacement strut tops ready to be welded in)
paint needs touching up here and there
suspected leak in sunroof, ever since i played with the electric sun roof the car has started misting up, unfortunately i haven't had the time to investigate

Car comes in a few different flavors (price is with wheels and new strut tops)

Stage 1 320bhp £4,500
Stage 2 440bhp £5,500
can sell without new strut tops and without wheels for a little less, likewise with / without GTR interior, stage 1 ECU etc etc, feel free to mix/match and make me an offer if you want a cheap bare bones stage 1 r33.

Stage2 offer only stands for the next week or so, then it;s all going on my other car :)

Located in Stevenage/Portsmouth


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The power steering adjusts depending on the speed you;re going from what little i know about it.

The S14 rack was fitted to eliminate this adjustment along with the other related Hicas steering

If anyone knows more about this subject please pitch in :)
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