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Without wishing to get into a war of words about a car I think looks great, and I am sure you love to bits (as I would if I owned it)

1.......I was using the written off car as an example of what not to do.

2.......If it has already had a rebuild then it proves the point that these cars do require work even after 60,000 motorway miles.

3.......You did not mention the fact that it has had a rebuild on your original for sale post....this would work in its favour to alleviate concern about future costs to a potential purchaser.

4........I would easily cover 15000 miles or more per year which means that 100k would come up in around eighteen months, at which point there would be a distinct drop in value.

5........I do speak to those in the know, and I agree that a standard UK car has more kit than a standard Jap car, but I stated that you could get a car WITH the extras and more, eg rims, for less money if you were to import a car via a specialist.

As previously stated this is my opinion, and I really DO like your car, for me the idea of waiting three months or more to find the right car in Japan and have it shipped over is just extending the torture of getting the money together to pay for the thing in the first place. But I like value for money and I feel that is better served from Japan, I never meant to make you defensive about your car, just to point out that I felt newbie had a valid point.

I wish you luck in your sale.........better yet dont sell it and keep on having fun.;)

21 - 21 of 21 Posts