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Hi Guys

Hope your well.

Just finished this one and thought I would share it with you as I know you all love GTRs :thumb:

Ok so this car again was booked in for a correct and protect detail like the others as it was showing signs of swirling and marring from factory :wall:
The wash stage consisted of a foam soak, 2BM wash my own shampoo and then dried.

Into the unit and the car received a very mild claying and then re-dried ready for the machine correction :thumb:

I got cracked on with the machining using my usual method and the car was left looking like this with no LSP :doublesho

Whats the twist I hear you cry :lol:
And why is there no LSP :confused:
Well please allow me to introduce a new service from Valet Magic for 2010 :thumb:

And here it is:

Thank you

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