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Hi Folks

Just a quick note from a new boy. After a mere three-and-a-half years of battling with French official-dom, I have finally managed to get my trusty old R33 GTR registered and road-legal over here in France.

The Reception a Tite Isolee process (the rough equivalent of the SVA over here) is almost comically complicated. Comical unless you are trying to get your car through it, that is.

Anyway, I finally managed it thanks to a lot of help from a mate that knows the intricacies of the rules over here. I picked the car up from Abbey yesterday (who had been giving it a bit of TLC after almost three years off the road...), stuck a set of French plates on it and drove it back home, finally legal!

Right, time to add a bit of RB26 burble to the peaceful French countryside
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